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Days Are Gone (HAIM)

by Brady Paron |

These ladies are unstoppable. With Haim's first full-length release, the three sisters have hit the number one spot UK charts, Australian charts and US rock and alternative charts. And did I mention that they write all of their own music and assist in producing every track? Early in 2012, I wrote about Haim's Forever EP and have been following their progress since. About a month ago, I also included their track "The Wire" on a Fall Music playlist for Days Are Gone is a fantastic 11-track album with dynamic rhythms, full of momentum and layered with complexities. The first track on the album, "Falling", introduces their characteristic rhythmic choices, with influences from a wide range of genres. They have a folk-americana base with R&B, pop and rock elements. Days Are Gone is a tight recording with a crisp sound of unity that is unmatched on many first recordings. But these ladies have experience. From a family band, to a band called "The Valli Girls", to Danielle's (the middle sister) part in Cee-Lo Green's female back up band, Scarlet Fever, Haim has continued to develop their craft through a variety of musical experiences. And in my opinion, it's paid off. The entire album is a great listen. Every track is unique in rhythm, but has distinct Haim vocals. "Falling" and "Honey and I" are notable tracks for this, but the truth is, as I type this, I actually want to list almost every track on the album as being fantastic. For some of you who might've been following Haim a little longer, tracks like "Forever", "Go Slow" and "Don't Save Me" might be recognizable from their 2012 EP or singles released over the last two years. To keep this short and sweet, if you haven't heard of Haim yet, treat yourself to a listen. It's a refreshing pleasure to listen to such unique and kick ass music. And once you've heard their pristine recording, you should watch their iTunes Festival headliner performance from September 2013. Not only are they talented, Haim can rock out...and they love it. Check them out. You won't regret it.   [spotify id="spotify:album:729Vh0HApsm7hGDVjbmtrf" width="300" height="380" /]

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