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Yeezus (Kanye West)

by 14783513 |

Kanye-Yeezus Once again, Kanye impresses and releases a supremely-produced album that positions himself far-out from any other artists - and I mean that both in terms of the music and his ego. Here's my thing, before I even start writing about this album. I love Kanye's music. I detest Kanye. And I'm sorry, I can't help but feel like I need to say that everytime I comment on his music. I don't know the guy, I have no clue what he's actually like, but he has a serious ego complex. The worst part is that his talents justify ego....but I don't really think that it's actually ever justified. Pardon the contradiction. Yeezus is completely distinguished from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While MBDTF was meticulously produced and super intentional with its electronics, it had a smoother feeling to the overall sound. Yeezus doesn't even try to hide the undertones of angst, anger, and this unbelievable momentum of POWER. While both albums have these undertones, Yeezus takes you out of your current mindset by immediately impregnating you with acid synths and razor blade electronics that set the tone of the album. What amazes me about albums like this, and in particular with Kanye's albums, is that they could so easily sound like chaos...but every track on Yeezus is like Kanye's own twisted symphony - a mixed manifestation of what I see as the contrast between his driven artistry and his power-focused personal intentions. (Again, what do I know, really, about his personal life?) "On Sight" starts with a track that brings you into Kanye's world and is perfectly trimmed to 2 minutes and 37 seconds, exactly at the point you are hoping for a break from the sharp electronics. And it's almost like you get a split second to breath, before moving onto "Black Skinhead". West always acknowledges his struggles with perceptions of him, and basically tells everyone to fuck off. As he says in "Black Skinhead", "I'm aware I'm a wolf / soon as the moon hit / I'm aware I'm a King".   He's a ferocious hip hop King and you don't want to cross him (look out, Taylor Swift)... I feel like it wouldn't be a Kanye West album without a track like "I Am a God". Kanye is the King of samples, and this is the first track on the album that I notice it in. After the intro, he boldly recites "I Am a God". And when he "talks to Jesus", the big man says right back "What's up Yeezus?". God-complex - unabashedly so. How does he get away with this stuff? Now look, the entire album continues with intensity, but there is such precision in the production that you can't help but be completely wrapped up in what you're listening to. Kanye has an incredible ability to create music that transports you to his (beautiful dark twisted) world. He is a master at creating sounds that are unassuming, unexpected, yet perfectly positioned to make you listen carefully and literally feel the emotion in your body. His music comes alive from the speakers of your computer, your record player, your headphones....whatever...and it transports you to the world of Yeezus. But to send you off, Kanye adds a little soul to the end of the album. Its almost like a way to ease you back into real life. Check out Yeezus, you won't be disappointed. And I want to hear your thoughts! How does this compare to Kanye's previous albums?

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