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Inner Ninja (Classified feat. David Myles)

by 14783513 |

classified - inner ninja I heard this song and IMMEDIATELY thought about how badly I need to share this. Its got an intensely catchy hook with a pace that moves with energy but maintains a laid back feeling. The David Myles-Classified combo kicks ass. And the message in this song and the amount of people who can connect to the lyrics is huge. I love that its uplifting, inspiring, and also hilarious. This song is the first in quite a while, that I actually heard and knew it was "the one" to share next. I'm totally into music that is stripped down, bare, and not too produced...the kind that hits your gut in ways that sometimes you just really need to experience. And on the flip side, I love (what I call) my sunshine music, which is exactly like this tune, and many of the others I've posted on earphone adventures. The songs that undoubtedly make you dance or at least lift your mood. So boom-shakalaka, here is another great tune for you to bust it out to. Or at least groove a bit. Enjoy, music fans. [youtube]

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