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Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Remix) by Florence + The Machine

by 14783513 |

There has been lots of raving about Florence + The Machine, but it took me a while to warm up to her music. With the release of Ceremonials almost one year ago, Florence proved that her talents expand beyond one hit album. I still haven't listened to much of her music over all, and I would probably really like it now. More importantly, right now...Florence is on fire, and so is Calvin Harris. Harris is producing remixes for so many major artists, as well as his own work. Without a doubt, you've heard his name. About two weeks ago, I heard this amazing remix of "Spectrum (Say My Name)" and it instantly hit me. I love this tune. Florence's erupting vocals matched with the familiar, but fresh beats by Calvin Harris create a club anthem that is perfect for late in the night, when your mind and body are tired but you just can't help yourself from moving to the music, hands in the air, with whatever energy you have left. "Spectrum (Say My Name)" comes from Florence's July Spectrum EP.


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