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This Fall (Big Tree)

by 14783513 |

I discovered this groovy tune and immediately loved it. I love the guitar effects on this track - the smoothness and silkiness of every riff. Its like this buttery, plush pillow to let the pain and confusion of the lyrics bounce with a little extra cushion. The sound is refined and expressive, and I love the change of pace and rhythms that they use, particularly after the second verse. Its almost like there are movements of separate emotions in this track, and when one emotion gives way to the next, you can feel it in the instrumentation. Very cool. Big Tree is a mix of jazz-inspired folk, with soothing harmonies that still maintain a simple sound and feeling. This group-of-five has a bunch of shows in California in the next little while, so I imagine they are based out of there, although I can't seem to find much info online. They also have a new 11-track album out called This New Year. Just to add to their coolness, their CDs are handprinted on recycled cardboard and they bought a used diesel van using a Kickstarter funding project, and then converted it to run on recycled vegetable oil. Awesome - I dig it. Check out this Spaceman Session recording and also check out their website. If you like the track, you can download a copy of it from the November 2011 playlist on as well, which has a better mix than the video below. :) Enjoy, and happy Friday! [youtube=]

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