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Let You Sleep Tonight (Young Empires)

by 14783513 |

I was cruising my friend Laura's blog last week and saw that she posted a song by Young Empires, that kick ass Canadian band that I posted about mid-January. Do you remember "Enter Through The Sun"? That song makes me move. BIG TIME. "Let You Sleep Tonight" is the last track on their recently released EP, Wake All My Youth, which is available on iTunes, by the by. Once again, its got a great beat with some ethereal elements that always make me feel good. So to me, this band just makes me feel good, and I think that's the best. That's what the self-named "haute-rock" band wants, right? If you like this track, I would totally encourage you to support this band. I've been listening to some tracks that I downloaded from and also just by streaming them online, but I last week I went on iTunes and bought their EP myself...because its so great! And don't you want to support small bands? Isn't it the best? These guys deserve it... For a little preview, take a listen to their EP here...

[soundcloud url="" height="200" iframe="true" /]

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