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tracks to listen to - Youth (Daughter)

by 14783513 |  | 1 comment

Today on Jeju-do, it is a very grey, rainy Winter day, and I thought the beautiful guitar in this song, "Youth", has a sweet, smooth, atmospheric sound that reminds me of the clouds. I thought you might enjoy this track on a rainy day. I wouldn't say this is the usual upbeat kind of tune I love to post. This is a little more sullen and if you listen to the lyrics, you will notice that there is a pain-filled fire that fuels and contrasts the creamy guitar licks. While you listen to this beautiful song by Daughter, indulge in the emotions that arise as you listen to music like this. Embrace it, experience it, and appreciate it. It makes you feel alive. Stay tuned on Monday for the next album off the RS150, by Cream! Enjoy, and for those of you who follow the Lunar calendar, best wishes for the new year!

youth daughter

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