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#113 - The Who Sell Out (The Who)

by 14783513 |

Released on December 15, 1967, this concept album by rock-band The Who is  one of the first concept albums to be released and its cool! Bringing some attention to the fact that they were doing commercial advertising at the same time they released this album, The Who intentionally named this disc The Who Sell Out. The original release had 13 tracks, including short radio jingles and songs from "Radio London", the so-called pirate radio station. As a result, the album has a very cohesive sound to it. Although all of the songs have different themes, they are brought together with the jingles. In another note, the tunes on this album are great. To me, they immediately sound like a more-refined version of some of the psychadelic rock of the time. Tracks like "Armenia City In The Sky" have a bit more edge to them. In fact, that track actually reminds me of some of The Beatles' stuff from Sgt. Pepper. "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand" reminds me  of some of the easy going tunes from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, too - definitely that psychadelic influence. I'm not sure what else to say about this album. I'm really enjoying it, its got tunes that I enjoy listening to, but on the first listen, most of them don't have anything really catchy that hooks me in right away. After listening to them a few more times, they become more appealing. And they have a really deep sound and energy behind their music, which is captured really well on their recordings. Still, there are a few really peculiar songs on the album too (like "Silas Stingy").

Definitely check out this album if you are into the rock of the 60s. I can hear so many elements from different bands in the sound of The Who, although I think in many cases, The Who were great influences for other bands too. What do you think about this album?

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