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#114 - Out of Our Heads (The Rolling Stones)

by 14783513 |

U.S. album art for the 1965-release of "Out of Our Heads" by The Rolling Stones I know nothing about The Rolling Stones. Seriously, nothing. I had this idea in my head that when I listened to my first full album by one of the most iconic bands in history, I would have this incredible musical experience, like some wave of musical realization and ecstasy would hit me and take me to music-dreamy-land. It didn't. There are a few tracks on Out of Our heads that popped for me, but overall, I wasn't blown away. I feel like I'm committing a sin by saying that, but its true. Now, this was The Rolling Stones' fourth U.S. album, released on July 30, 1965, and it included 5 cover songs and 7 original tracks. My guess is that the Stones continued to evolve over their subsequent years together. For me, tracks like "Mercy, Mercy" and "The Last Time" have that incredible, classic, analog-rock sound that has a special sweet-spot that can't quite be replicated with the same rawness. And of course, tunes like "Satisfaction" are classic, right? Everyone knows that famous song. In fact, this album made it to the top of the charts in the U.S. because of songs like "The Last Time" and "Satisfaction". After the U.K. release of the album, which was in September 1965, Out of Our Heads made it to the number 2 spot in the charts, right behind The Beatles' Help!. So again, although the album doesn't really stand out to me as being incredible, I have to look at the context and approach it a different way. The Rolling Stones, from my understanding, were almost like a counter-band to The Beatles. The Stones were a bit more bad-ass. And their music seems that have a little more rawness to it as well, which is partly due to Jagger's characteristic voice. And like I already said briefly, there is something unique about the analog sound of 60s and 70s rock albums - the sweet hum, slight imperfections, and of course, rebellious atmosphere of musical exploration. Its brilliant.  

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