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Alive (Armand Margjeka)

by 14783513 |

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Margo, Margo[/caption] When I first heard this track on my iTunes, I thought to myself..."How come I've never heard this Bon Iver track before?". And as the song progressed, I quickly realized that it was definitely NOT Bon Iver, but another artist I couldn't name. This 30-year-old singer-songwriter released his most recent album, "Margo, Margo" on August 9th, and if this song is any indication of the rest of the album, it will be fantastic. "Alive" by Armand Margjeka is a beautifully energized song filled with a subtle sense of pride, perseverance, and joy. It starts quietly and builds slightly with a driving string-section supporting the light vocals and guitar, which energizes the track and compliments the playful and upbeat percussion. What I love about this track is the feeling of positivity and gratitude for being alive. Its simple and beautiful. Check out this track, and if you're interested, you can head to Armand's website and listen to a stream of his new album. [youtube=]

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