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tracks to listen to - Lovers' Carvings (Bibio)

by 14783513 |  | 1 comment

Stephen Wilkinson, aka Bibio, is a music producer and self-taught musician from Central England. His music has been featured in numerous TV commercials, including a commercial for L.L. Bean in the U.S. On "Lovers' Carvings", Wilkinson vamps a sweet and serene guitar intro that beautifully sets the scene for what seems like a beautiful Summer day. I can picture two lovers walking around in a park, and then carving their names into the bark of a tree in the Summer sun. Right? And then just before 1 minute and 30 seconds into the song, the pace changes (cue: cow bell) and we get a more upbeat, playful, and exciting tune that highlights the thrill of the moment. The song is all about people carving their names in different places. Its fun, its unique, and it captures the spirit of that exciting playful moment where you and your mate are being just a bit rebellious and permanently marking your love in the world around you. This is a cool tune and its light and easy (after a few tunes that were a bit more dance-y). Bibio has a new album out, but "Lovers' Carvings" is from an older album, Ambivalence Avenue. Check out some of his music here and enjoy!

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