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tracks to listen to - Goliath (The Brow Horn Orchestra)

by 14783513 |

Man, does this song ever start with a catchy riff! The Brow Horn Orchestra is another Australian band, and although I had never heard of them before, I really dig their style! "Goliath" has got this really laid back, reggae-beat mixed into the triumphant and celebratory horns that make that catchy beginning riff stand out beautifully for the rest of the song, whenever it plays.

I checked out the myspace page for The Brow Horn Orchestra, and it doesn't look like they officially have an album out yet, but they do have a few songs up there that you can listen to. I think "Goliath" is the most upbeat and catchy, but other tunes are solid too! I like it. Who knows, maybe we'll be hearing more about this band in the future?

But for now, check out "Goliath" on their myspace, or watch the video below! If the strange video is distracting, just minimize your screen. I'm sure you'll love the tune! Happy Friday!


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