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tracks to listen to - Maybe I'm Crazy (Monarchy)

by 14783513 |

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="395" caption="Monarchy's new album art for 'Around the Sun', available on July 11th, 2011."][/caption] Summer seems to bring out my love of electro-pop, judging by the last few tracks I've posted for you to listen to. And this next track falls into the general area as well. "Maybe I'm Crazy" is a track from the London (U.K.) based group, Monarchy. Just like Capital Cities, Monarchy is a duo that focuses on electronic sounds mixed with pop beats and catchy choruses. Its just fun to listen to! And as Monarchy has on their official website (aka myspace page), their music sounds like "a billion stars, slowly expanding across the vast reaches of space". If that isn't an epic description of your own music, I don't know what is. This tune has got a great upbeat and driving energy (although a bit repetitive) and its catchy. It actually reminds me a bit of Rooney (anyone? anyone?). Oh, and I should mention that Monarchy has a new album, Around the Sun, that is out on July 11th, and is available now for pre-order on iTunes. :) Anyway, "Maybe I'm Crazy" is another fun track to add to your Summer 2011 playlist on your iPod. What do you think? Do you dig this song? Does it make the cut for your playlist? [youtube=]

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