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Meet Me Under Neon (Pluto Jonze)

by 14783513 |

I love this song and I love this video. If you haven't checked out this tune from Pluto Jonze, check it out now. In fact, stop reading, go watch the video below, and then come back and finish this paragraph. (pause) Did you do it? If not, DO IT! If so, great. This track is actually courtesy of triple j radio in Australia. I am subscribed to their podcast (New Free Music, check it out on iTunes or from their website) and it updates me with a few new tracks every few days. Rad! Anyway, this is a great track by an artist who uses his laptop and is usually backed by a small set of musicians in live performances. Lots of synths/loops/beats all from his computer, and then mixed with other instruments as well. Very cool. And a very cool video! I have NO idea whether Pluto is related to Spike (as in Spike Jonze) and I couldn't find it anywhere. I did some searching. His official website on myspace doesn't have a complete profile and he doesn't have a wikipedia page. But I guess really, its irrelevant whether the two are connected or not (in fact, maybe that's what he wants anyway - no connection, even if there actually is one). Check out this track and share it around. Enjoy it. It's pretty rad! [vimeo]

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