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Pink Strat (Bahamas)

by 14783513 |

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="295" caption="Pink Strat (Album Art)"][/caption] Pink Strat is the relaxed, chill-out album by Afie Jurvanen, based in Toronto. But its not quite a solo project. I mean it is, but he is also supported by a number of prominent Canadian musicians, including Haydne, Leslie Feist, and more! Jurvanen is often backed by a different Toronto percussionist for his solo shows, so it seems like he enjoys mixing it up a bit. The entire album is pretty much love-themed, and its got this interesting contrast between a warm sound (potentially from his infamous pink strat guitar, which I'm assuming the album was named after), and this odd, start chill to the album. The album isn't spectacular by any means, but his music is relaxing to me. It has a bit of a lull (and I mean that in a good way) to it that just makes me want to slow down and kick up my feet. The album starts with a more peppy song, "Lonely Loves" (even if the lyrics are really peppy...the music has energy to it). And it continues on to "Hockey Teeth", a great track that just has a perfect amount of playfulness to it and pays great homage to the Canadian sport we all know and love. (Yes, I said hockey is a Canadian sport. I know its not JUST Canadian...) There are also some even slower, beautiful tracks, such as "For Good Reason", with a nice open and honest sound. Afi has a bit of a growl to his voice that can be interpreted as any emotion you think it could be, and he is backed by beautiful vocal harmonies that are subtle but fill out the sound perfectly. This is a great track to put on while you are relaxing around the house - it creates an atmosphere of inward-thinking and as you listen, you feel connected to the music, and as a result, feel just a little bit more exposed than you did before you put it on. And that isn't a bad thing. I love to support Toronto musicians and other Canadian musicians. I think we have a fantastic folk-rock and indie scene, and I'm so happy to see another great artist like Bahamas. Check this album out and give it a full listen. Its not on my own personal list of top albums, but I still really enjoy it and I think you will too.  (Oh, and I really like "Already Yours", too. In fact, the second half of the album is better, in my opinion!) Track Listing
  1. Lonely Loves
  2. Hockey Teeth
  3. Southern Drawl
  4. For Good Reason
  5. You're Bored, I'm Old
  6. Sunshine Blues
  7. Already Yours
  8. What's Worse
  9. Let The Good Times Roll
  10. Try, Tried, Trying
  11. Till The Morning
  12. Whole, Wide, World

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