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more than just RS150

by 14783513 |

Recently, I've been listening to new albums (in addition to the RS150, of course!) and thinking how much I want to start a dialogue with people about them, and that the way my blog is currently structured is kind of limiting me from creating a space for discussion (or at least the opportunity to inspire  some sort of deeper thought about music, whether it creates conversation or not). So then I thought "Why don't I just...change it?" and alas here I am writing this post. In addition to my exploration of the RS150, I really, really feel this burning desire to write about other albums as I listen to them, so I am going to! I've added a section that I will continue to fill with posts about or relating to music that I am digging right now. It may not be a full entry. Maybe just something that's interesting, or relevant to my current music tastes in some way. My hope is that whoever does stumble upon this blog will either: a) discover new music; b) or, indulge in a deeper conversation (aloud or internal) about music; c) or, share some new music! Please feel free to join in the fun and post your thoughts and favourites. Enjoy! ZT7C3N26SWRJ

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