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#91 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)

by Brady Paron |

Well, it's taken me forever to write about this album. I had some mental block happening that every time I thought about writing about Elton John, I just cringed. It's not that I don't like Elton John...okay, it's a bit of that. But at the same time there are a few tracks on this album that are 🔥. "Benny...

#92 - 20 Golden Greats (Buddy Holly)

by Brady Paron |

The short-lived career of Buddy Holly still allowed enough time to produce a number of hits, which are catalogued on the 1978 release of Buddy Holly and the Crickets' 20 Golden Greats. This 44 minute album is a fantastic flashback to the late 50s - the days of simple and comparatively innocent rock and roll. Buddy Holly's warm and wholesome rockabilly...

#93 - Sign ‘O’ The Times (Prince)

by Brady Paron |

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to write about the RS150, and so gladly, on this sunny Thursday, I am happy to share my thoughts about Sign 'O' The Times by Prince. I've actually been stuck on this album for quite a while, which has been tricky to get past. It's not that I don't like Prince, I'm...

The Electric Lady (Janelle Monae)

by Brady Paron |

Since discovering Janelle Monae when she released The ArchAndroid in 2010, I've closely watched her career and followed her performances, excited to see how she evolved and exploded as an artist. With the release of The Electric Lady, Monae continues the adventures of Cindi Mayweather, the android who is fighting to save...

Days Are Gone (HAIM)

by Brady Paron |

These ladies are unstoppable. With Haim's first full-length release, the three sisters have hit the number one spot UK charts, Australian charts and US rock and alternative charts. And did I mention that they write all of their own music and assist in producing every track? Early in 2012, I wrote about Read More

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