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Magic (Coldplay)

by Brady Paron |

With the yo-yoing temperatures over the last few months, it's nice to see a beautiful sunny day in Toronto today, even if it's cold. One of my favourite parts of all changes in season is the new sensations. The warm sun on your cool, exposed cheeks. The feeling of sitting, looking at the sunshine with earphones in tight and the warm sound of new beats in your wind-blown ears. I use this space to share music that resonates with me, whether positive or negative. Right now, the tune that I can't get enough is Coldplay's "Magic".

The smooth and mellow pulsation of the intro guitar, backed by the driving drum pad draws you into the song. It captures your attention, pulling in focus as each beat passes. Coldplay is back with a newly refined and focused sound, supported by the characteristic voice of Chris Martin, an acoustic guitar and keyboards, and the choral vocals. Classic Coldplay mixed with some beautifully explored new filters and pedals. I also love the simplicity of the lyrics and the way the orchestration fills the title word, magic, with wonder, admiration, and a sense of inspirational and peace.

After Mylo Xyloto, a much sharper sound with a different intensity, these guys have returned with a beautiful track. Suggested listening: put in your best headphones, turn up the sound loud enough (but not too loud) so you can sense the bassline in your body, and then enjoy in the sunshine.

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