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Make Believe (Meghan & Lucas)

by Brady Paron |

It's been a chilly Winter in North America, with temperatures in Toronto and the North Eastern United States dropping to -40 degrees celsius. And those are the kind of days you just want to bundle up inside and stay warm. But the cool air of Winter is refreshing and invigorating. This week's new tracks have a "cool"/chill sound to them. Whether they're bare bones and acoustic, or feature minor chords, or just the hollow space left between certain notes that seems to remind the listener of the cool echo outside on a chilly Winter day, these tracks are perfect for a Winter day, and perfect to start 2014 off with some new adventures for your musical mind. Meghan & Lucas have an upbeat track that captures the new and exciting energy of a New Year, with new plans and new ideas. It captures the spirit of playful youth in the whistle of the hook. The synths that support the light-heartedness of the track sound like they've capture the rays of sun, shining through bare tree branches.

"Make Believe" is an easy listen which will be a beautiful start to your Monday morning.

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